01 HSS Saw Blades

Used for a wide application for Pipe and Tube cutting on off-line as well as online cutting applications. These saws have the ability to give unmatched cost reduction as they can be re-sharpened multiple of times.

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02 Bandsaw Blades

Cuts through anything in metal, non metal, non ferrous, including solids, angles, bars, channels, I and H beams, C channels, Non-Ferrous Runners, raisers and gates, Teflon, Hard Chrome coated, Graphite, Composites

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03 Carbide Tipped Saw blades

Faster cutting and high productivity saw blade with options of Carbide Tip and Cermet Tip brazed circular saw blades. Used for cutting solids of any metal from low hardness up-to a Hardness of over 40 HRC. Toughened metals

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04 Markal / La-Co / Tempil

A complete range of industrial markers for a variety of applications for easy identification. Marks on any surface, including oily, greasy, wet, rusted application. Bleed thru and non bleed thru, visible in ultraviolet light and other applications.

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